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1. Brilliant! Speaking as a former elementary school teacher, I believe these cards are a "must have" in any classroom, as well as any household! "Teeth Time" is a fun and easy way for both children and adults to learn about teeth and dental care. "Teeth Time" is original and versatile and will make a great stocking stuffer! - Ellie

2.  What a clever way to have fun -- and teach kids about dental health at the same time. I am looking forward to telling home school parents who need fun ideas about Teeth Time. Very clever packaging. The size of the cards are kid friendly and of high quality. Well done. - RS

3. This is a great game, that is extremely educational for young children, as well as adults to learn about teeth! You can also play Uno with this card game! This is a great gift for dentists to have at their offices to sell, or give to new patients as gifts, as well as schools around the country can create a learning environment with these cards to educate children on their teeth! This is also a great gift for dental assistants, as well as dental hygienist to educate their patients on their teeth! Great product, with great games, super fun! - CR (Amazon)

4. What a great idea! - SA

5. I got the cards andI love them! They are so creative and turned out great. I think a school/teaching setting is perfect. It would be great if people played more gameswith their kids. Thank you so much. WAV

6. Thanks for fast shipment of a nice set of cards! - Toothman

7. Teeth Time is fun and versatile. It can be played in several different ways - like Uno or Old Maid or even Go Fish. And no matter how you play, you're learning about good dental hygiene. Our family loves this game! JS (Amazon)

8. This card game was so much fun to play with the kids and family. We used it playing Uno style at our family game night and had so much fun. Teeth Time was educational and fun to learn about the different teeth while playing the game. I would recommend this game to any family, school, or Dentist office. Also, I was impressed with the quality of the the cards that they are durable and will with stand years of playing. Sunshine and Smiles (Amazon)

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