Who invented the Teeth Time dental themed deck of cards?  Dr. J. Eric Hibbs, a practicing dentist in Dallas, Texas invented the Teeth Time cards.

Is the card game patented?  Yes, US Patent #D686,670

What dental numbering system is used on the cards? The Palmer Notation Method is used for numbering the teeth cards.

May I make suggestions for changes to the rules or improvements for the game? Yes, we welcome your input! Please contact us here.

Can the Teeth Time deck be used to play other card games?  Yes, the deck can be used to play a wide variety of games and is especially good for popular children's games. For game ideas and instructions, click here.

I want to buy the games in bulk to give away. Can I get a discount? Yes, volume discounts are available. Just tell us how many you would like and we will quote you a discounted price.

I lost a card from my deck. Can I get a replacement?  Yes you can. Simply go to the "Buy" page and enter $1.00 for the first replacement card and $0.25 for each additional card on the same order. Then on the PayPal payment page comment box indicate the cards you want and we will send them to you promptly.

May I become a distributor for the Teeth Time Card Game?  Yes, please contact us for details: DentaGames International 5600 W. Lovers Lane #216 Dallas, TX 75209 (877) 374-4227

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